The practical approach to reading and writing.

Afriphonics is a teaching tool that has been designed by Early Years educators to provide children with a solid foundation in the understanding of phonics – the association of sounds with letters leading ultimately to writing and reading.

The programme follows an ‘African’ theme in that each letter and letter sound is associated with an African animal character. South African children will be familiar with most of these animals as they form part of their reality, and thus will be able to relate to these more easily than some of the European or American phonics programmes that are currently in use in schools and homes throughout the continent.

Afriphonics is a practical, easy to follow method of teaching children (from 3 to 8 years) to identify and recognise letters and letter sounds via a multi-sensory approach that uses concrete experiences in the form of visual clues, auditory signals, tactile experiences and large and small body movements to gain an abstract understanding of the shape and sound of each letter.

Once the letters can be recognised and linked to their phonetic sounds, Afriphonics takes the child further into a structured writing and reading programme.  This approach ensures that the child is able to build up confidence at every level and have adequate practice in order to achieve mastery of the stage before moving on to the next level.

The structure and design of the materials and the accompanying lesson plans ensure that the Afriphonics programme is aligned with the current principles of child development, brain-based learning and the requirements of the National Curriculum Statement for Grade R.

The programme is currently available in English and Afrikaans.

Multi-Sensory Learning

We learn about the world through our senses, and at no time is it more important to engage as many of the senses in learning than in early childhood.

Detailed research over the past two decades has proved that a multi-sensory learning experience produce greater and more efficient learning in children of all learning styles and abilities.

The Afriphonics programme engages the child in a learning experience that incorporates the following senses:

  • Visual: that which is seen;
  • Auditory: that which is heard;
  • Auditory-digital: self-talk;
  • Tactile: that which is felt;
  • Kinaesthetic: movement.

Brained-based research has also shown that when learning takes place across multi-sensory modalities, memory is enhanced as the brain has more opportunities for creating ‘hooks’ where the learning memories may be stored.

Phonics Instruction

Phonics instruction teaches letter-sound associations and how to use these associations to learn to write, spell and read words.

In order to be able to read, children need to understand that sentences are made up of words, words are made up of sounds and that these sounds are represented by letters.

A phonic foundation will give the child the skills to be able to phonetically decode and encode words comfortably before having to add on the non-phonetic rule-based language components of the written language.

Research has show that when provided in a systematic manner, phonics instruction helps children learn to read and write more effectively than non-systematic instruction, or instruction without phonics.

Systematic Progression

Afriphonics supports the research that English spelling is a reasonably reliable system based on sound-to-spelling correspondence and morphological principles.

It thus combines multi-sensory learning and phonics instruction in a methodical and practical manner that allows the individual child to progress from beginning word sound identification to reading and writing with understanding and confidence.

All-inclusive Comprehensive Cross-Curricular Programme for both School and Home use

Afriphonics has been designed to be used easily both in a home and a school environment, with a full complement of teaching materials and a comprehensive manual that contains detailed lesson plans for the full programme.

Please click here for full details of the English programme.

Kliek hier vir volledige besonderhede van die Afrikaanse program.



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