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Keyboard Card


For those younger learners who are being introduced to an uppercase computer keyboard for the first time and who may not yet be familiar with capital letters. This is a decoding card set up in 'qwerty' layout, each 'key' bearing the Afriphonics lowercase animal/letter character and the corresponding uppercase letter. The child's prior knowledge of the Afriphonics animal and its associated letter sound helps the child make sense of the capital letters on the keyboard.

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Terminology Cards

We have designed 15 sets of Terminology Cards (between 6 and 18 cards per set) which include the following categories: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, marsupials, insects, dinosaurs, trees, leaves, flowers, South African culture, transport, playground objects and stationery. Each set also has a title card and a definition card which the teacher can read to the children and which introduces many points for discussion and elaboration.

  1. Fish

  2. Amphibians

  3. Reptiles

  4. Birds

  5. Mammals

  6. Marsupials

  7. Insects

  8. Dinosaurs

  9. Trees

  10. Leaves

  11. Flowers

  12. South African culture

  13. Transport

  14. Playground objects

  15. Stationery

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